Sussex Police give in to pressure groups and withdraw safety poster.

Beware of pickpockets 2Just as a follow-up to the previous post, Sussex Police have apparently given in to pressure groups (evidenced by a truly massive 800 signatures in a national petition) and withdrawn their very sensible poster offering advice to young women about staying safe on a night out.

No doubt they will now tour the county removing “Do not leave your valuables unattended” and “Beware of pickpockets” signs too. These warnings are clearly grossly unfair and target the victims rather than the perpetrators. Perhaps they will replace them with signs saying “Please do not steal any valuables that do not belong to you” and “Please do not remove anything from other people’s pockets”.

CCEWz-DVEAEIJk5The safety poster merely reinforces everyone’s responsibility to keep themselves safe. Although this poster was aimed at young women, I would equally support a poster advising young men not to abandon one of their mates who was drunk after a night out.