Why is violence against men trivialised?

Not a photo of the victim

I have written other posts on this blog about the way in which violence towards men is ignored or even condoned by the media and the law, in the case of both violence in general and domestic violence. I realise that many will read those posts and shrug their shoulders muttering about whining men (slugs and snails and puppy-dog tails) and oppressed saint-like women (sugar and spice and all things nice), and I thought it was worthwhile commenting on an unbelievable report in the newspapers today concerning a women, Sarah McKenzie-Ayres, who walked free from court, grinning, after being found guilty of hitting an innocent man on the head with a champagne bottle, scarring him for life and wrecking his career prospects. According to the newspaper report, the reason she wasn’t sent to jail for what the judge called “extraordinary violence” was that she was remorseful and believed the man was “making unwelcome advances”. You can judge for yourself how remorseful she is by looking at the photograph in the report linked above. I am not sure what was going through the judge’s mind, but the only question I would ask is what would have happened if the man had hit her with a champagne bottle. I suspect he would have been locked up in jail for a significant length of time. Apparently any woman can hit any man with impunity and suffer negligible consequence, yet a couple of days ago there were reports in the papers that wolf-whistling may be made a crime! So much for equality under the law: George Orwell must have had the current state of gender equality in mind when he wrote in Animal farm “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.

  • Max

    thank you for your report.
    It’s simply unbearable this type of racism and sexism.
    A woman can do this to a man and be free!!
    This is a nazi-feminist world, and more important, the politician are doing nothing.
    This society must be educated to respect the male not the women.
    This is a shamefull society, i’m not talking of usa or uk, i’m from italy and it’s the same here.
    You can se commercial in tv where the men are naked, touched in the back by women, for selling a car or a perfume!
    The men are the victims, we have to fight for our right.
    thank you for reporting, and Katie, you should learn to respect the men like you are respected by the state.

  • formula112967 .

    Come on Katie….you can admit that you know for a fact, that women are treated more lenient than men by the cops and courts. We won’t tell.

  • Hi Katie, Thanks for your comment. You may well be right. I still suspect, though, that a man wouldn’t have got off so lightly, even if he was the judge’s grandson!

  • Katie

    With regard to the news report, I think the clue to why she got off is in the double-barrelled surname. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that people of a certain class can literally get away with anything in this country. What’s the betting that the judge wasn’t a personal friend of her parents?