The posts on this site seek to point out that many of the issues currently discussed in the media are not as one-sided as they are portrayed. Biased reporting in the press and on television only serves to reinforce stereotypes and preconditioning, and it is important that readers and viewers allow for this when forming their own opinions. This can, and does, take place in every sphere of reporting, but it is true that a very common example is the one-sided way in which issues of gender discrimination and “women’s” issues are discussed.

I must say from the start that I have nothing against feminists: some of my best friends are feminists and I would have no objection to my son or daughter marrying one! I do, however, object to the claim by feminists that feminism is synonymous with the search for gender equality. Feminism is fine in its way, but it is what it says on the box: it seeks to overcome discrimination only when the victims are women and has no interest in seeking out and correcting injustices against men. I hope to point out that men are often affected by exactly the same issues, but are ignored in our current approach to gender discrimination.

As there is so much rant and hyperbole surrounding the issue of gender equality, I try to support my arguments with relevant  links, using primary or reputable sources wherever possible.